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Ethereum’s Swarm is first to join Fair Data Society

We are very proud to make this special announcement. Today, Ethereum’s Swarm, one of the three pillars of the Ethereum network, is joining Fair Data Society. To have Swarm become part of Fair Data Society is a major milestone for us.

Our stance has always been that we need to build a new paradigm for a data-driven society and it cannot be achieved by any one organization or initiative alone. We’ll need to join forces to get there. By joining Fair Data Society, Swarm has set the foundations for this collective effort to move forward.

We already started talking about Fair Data Society last May in Ljubljana at the Swarm Orange Summit, hosted by Datafund.

Swarm also plays another critical role. They provide the new infrastructure for a decentralised data economy that will give everyone sovereign control over their data. Their decentralised storage layer is the foundation on which Fair Data Society is building. You can’t do anything with data unless you have a global fabric that stores it.

True and limitless connectivity

But Swarm are much more than a simple storage layer. They have created a fault-tolerant, censorship-resistant, DDOS-resistant incentivised storage protocol with zero downtime. This protocol provides the technology infrastructure for decentralised service networks. These networks, and the dapps running on them, will be able to communicate with each other.

Just think how powerful that is: if this were the infrastructure of today, you could talk through FB messenger to anyone on Google Hangouts or LinkedIn, etc. If you didn’t like one app, you could just move to a better one without losing any connections or data.

Swarm will unlock the true potential behind Ethereum. It’s currently the missing infrastructure piece which will serve many distributed-ledger technologies in the future.

An increase in capabilities

Through Datafund Fair Data Society already has a fruitful history of working together with the awesome Swarm team. Our plans for the future include the deepening of this collaboration through joint campaigns in our Fair Data Society DAC.

One we’re particularly excited about is building the capacity to send 100 GB files over the Swarm network with the Fairdrop dapp (more details tba). With such incredible capabilities even an ordinary email function becomes a file sharing titan and decentralised solutions become something that opens up a whole new array of possibilities.

Together we can change things

The time of one-sided exploitative practices of Big Tech is slowly but surely running out.

If you and your project are building something that you believe will benefit the society, reach out to us on Riot or support the campaigns in our DAC.

There’s a lot of work to be done and together we can bring about this change faster and to the benefit of all. Let us proceed together apace!

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2019-03-27 18:56