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Fairdrive is Awarded the MyData Operator Status!

Fair Data Society is pleased to announce that Fairdrive has officially been awarded the status of a MyData Operator for 2021! This acknowledgement represents the growing need for a more ethical approach to personal data, focusing on how data intermediaries are ensuring privacy and data protection, whilst also empowering individuals with their data to make informed decisions in all facets of their life.

What is the MyData Organisation all about?

MyData Global is an award-winning international nonprofit driven to empower individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data. The nonprofit facilitates the MyData community of several thousand personal data experts and enthusiasts across the globe and is identified in the EU data strategy as a promising initiative for empowering citizens to exercise their digital rights.

When taking a deeper look into the MyData Operator principles, it is evident that Fairdrive has aligned well with their goals, as there is a synergy found in the principles of the Fair Data Society which ultimately make up the core values and philosophy of Fairdrive. Much like MyData, the Fair Data Society (FDS) has created and embraced high standards of treating individuals with dignity and respect and implements such standards on a digital level as they undertake the premise that personal data is part of one’s self. In other words, “Your data is you”.

By acknowledging that personal data is owned by the individual, FDS has been able to pave a clear path for organisations to engage in this redefined relationship with their users.

These values and rules have shaped Fairdrive’s design as well as its functionality to make it the product it is today.


Fairdrive is a digital safe space, enabling individuals to reclaim, own and manage their personal data. It has been designed with interoperability as its main priority. The power of Fairdrive enables digital freedom through data sovereignty, enables developers to build their dapps faster and let's data work for the common good. This innovative system allows you to store files and documents in a fully encrypted manner that is only accessible via your own personal private key. Fairdrive was built on top of Swarm, a decentralised storage and communication system for a sovereign digital society that is a scalable and self-sustaining infrastructure for a supply-chain economy of data. The goal for Swarm is to connect as many decentralised personal data stores as possible that are aligned with the FDS principles. Fairdrive is one of the key platforms aligned with this mission and is helping Swarm and the Fair Data Society realise this goal.

Fairdrive is not solely for individuals to store their data, but also a platform for developers to build on and access the decentralised storage facility for their projects. Essentially enabling developers to create their dapps faster as they don't need to implement a data store from scratch every time. Moreover, Fairdrive can connect dapps with other dapps, encouraging adoption through network effects. Developers can transform their ideas into dApps through FairOS, which works by running a filesystem on top of Swarm which communicates through the Fairdrive Protocol. The ecosystem’s interconnectedness facilitates dApp or rather Thin application creation, bringing the practicality of web2.0 to web3.0. The community also encourages developers to discuss and iterate on each other's projects, becoming a true community project in the context of fair data.

This ecosystem acts as the catalyst that drives development in line with the MyData Operator and Fair Data Society principles. Perhaps this is where we could bring in other MyData Operators to explore the operating system and capabilities of the Fairdrive protocol?

Fairdrive dashboard

Thank you, MyData

We are beyond grateful to be acknowledged for our efforts by such a progressive and like-minded organisation. To be awarded as one of the operators not only indicates that Fairdrive is moving in the right direction but alongside us are many other initiatives chasing the same end-game towards a fair data economy. We are incredibly excited to collaborate with these projects in the near future and continue our march towards fair data!

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