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We’re ready for the Swarm Orange Summit in Madrid

Get ready, set, go!!! Swarm Orange Summit is coming to Madrid in two weeks. From 23–25 May, thanks to everyone at Epic Labs who put the event together, there are three days of innovative talks, coding and hanging out ahead of us. If you still don’t have tickets, get them now; the event will take place at Epic Lab’s HQ, on Calle Salvatierra, 4 (4th floor).

Our whole team will be there

Datafund hosted the last event and this year its whole team is heading off to Spain to see what the Swarm community has been up to in the past year.

As current Fair Data Society’s core code contributors Datafund’s team will be presenting what they have been working on in recent months. Three speakers have prepared talks for the event: Datafund’s CTO, Tadej Fius, and the two senior coders, Dan Nickless & Zahoor Mohamed. The focus of their talks will be largely on how to scale and expand decentralized file exchange through Swarm.

Multibox, setting up Fairdrop & sending 100 GBs over Swarm

First up will be Tadej with his presentation of multibox, the decentralized group file-sharing functionality based on Fairdrop’s file exchange system. Dan will demonstrate to the audience how to set up their own file-sharing dapp with the help of the fds.js library. And finally, Zahoor will present how he went about sending 100 GB files over the Swarm network with the accompanying pitfalls and solutions. There will also be five-minute Q&A sessions after each talk and we expect some lively debates.

We’ll be following the event and will post all the highlights and summaries of talks, as well as uploading all the videos relating to the talks on Fair Data Society’s tech to our Youtube channel after the summit, so keep following us to stay up to date.

See you there!

We’re looking forward to meeting everyone from the community again, talking about the new tech on Swarm and hanging out in a good-spirited atmosphere.

If you’re interested in what the infrastructure of the new web will look like, come and join us.

When: 23–25 May Where: Epic Lab’s HQ, on Calle Salvatierra, 4 (4th floor), 28034, Madrid Tickets: here More info: here

See you there!

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2019-05-09 14:15